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I have finally made the big move to the New York City area!  I am no based out of northern New Jersey!

I am also breaking into the Voice Acting and Voice Over world!  Do you have an intro you need recorded?  Do you have a self published audiobook that needs to be narrated?  If so, contact me and we can discuss a collaboration!

I had the pleasure of being the focal point of a short film project during the winter of 2020-2021 entitled The Star Compass.  An expert about the film: "An actor navigates mankind’s place in the world as he undertakes the role of a survivor in the post-apocalypse. Mired in existential uncertainty at the precipice of a crumbling socioeconomic landscape, his distinctions between fact and fiction become meaningless. As he takes on the role of a lonely nomad wandering the detritus of society, he begins to understand the fragility of life and the meaning of a civilization to which we have become gradually more indifferent."  Click the poster below to check it out!

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